Health Symptoms

Health Symptoms

People with the risk of any medical condition and disease should have knowledge about the medical symptoms and signs. This can make a big difference to your health and can help to save your or others life and helps you to diagnose your symptoms.

We provide health and medical information. You can read here about disease conditions, medical symptoms, and signs disease and infections.

It is better to have the basic knowledge of some disease and medical conditions. It will greatly help you to take informed decisions.

Parasite Symptoms: Parasites come into human body by eating uncooked, unwashed foods, hands, by skin contact with larva infected soil, or impure water.  Some times the intestinal worms do not show any symptoms. For more information read parasites symptoms.

Whiplash Symptoms: Whiplash injuries occur when a vehicle is struck from behind. This causes the people’s body sitting inside vehicle, to thrust forward as the head snaps back and then forward until the chin strikes the chest. This is termed as whiplash. You can read more about whiplash symptoms and diagnose your symptoms.
Read about symptoms of mono and mono treatment.

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